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Landscaping Services in Mercer Island,WA

Do you dream of having a beautiful outdoor space? Many people do but don’t know where to start. They are also concerned about the costs of landscape design and maintenance. We at Tanabe Gardens Landscaping offer professional landscaping services Mercer Island residents trust for the best outcome. We work on both commercial and residential projects to create spaces that property owners and managers can be truly proud of. We work in close collaboration with property owners to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. Contact us to learn about how we can help you achieve your goals for your outdoor space.

How Much Will Landscape Design Cost?

One of the biggest concerns property owners have when considering whether or not to invest in landscaping services Mercer Island is how much these services will cost. The cost of hiring a landscape designer Mercer Island residents trust for great results will depend on various factors including those outlined below:

  1. The complexity of the project

The complexity of the project plays a big role in determining the overall cost of the project. Designing and installing a simple vegetable garden will cost much less than designing and installing an elaborate Koi pond. It will take more time, labor and effort to achieve the desired results in the later design project.

  1. The size of the project

The size of the project will also play a major role in the overall cost of the project. Some landscapers will charge you per square foot for the project. For example, you will be charged per square foot for the installation of artificial turf. Therefore, covering a larger area with turf will be more expensive than covering a small patch on your landscape. The bigger your yard is, the more materials, time and labor that will go into completing the project.

  1. The type of materials being used in the project

It is important to consider the type of materials you use in your project as this will have an impact on the total cost of the project. Expensive materials will make the project more costly. The type of materials will also have an impact on the level of work involved in completing the project.

What Maintenance is Required?

When considering landscape design it is also important to consider the level of maintenance that will be involved in the long term. If you invest in a design that requires a lot of maintenance, you will end up spending a lot of money in maintaining your landscape in the long term.

We at Tanabe Gardens Landscaping are a landscape contractor Mercer Island that offers comprehensive landscaping services. We will take you from design and installation to long term maintenance. We guide our clients on achieving their dream landscapes while ensuring that the designs do not put a strain on them in the long term. We are experts at achieving low maintenance landscape designs.

Depending on the design of your landscape, you will need to include various services in your maintenance plan. The following are some common maintenance activities to consider:

  • Pruning and shearing
  • Fertilizer application
  • Pest control and disease treatment

How Do I Begin the Landscape Design Process?

If you’re interested in investing in landscape design services, you should:

  • Determine what your needs and vision for the space are
  • Take inventory of what you already have
  • Identify a reliable landscape designer and work with them to develop a design concept for your landscape.

Landscape Design and Installation with Tanabe Landscapes

If you’re searching for a landscape design Mercer Island contractor, contact Tanabe Gardens Landscapes. We are a full-service landscaping company. We will guide you from concept design to installation, handover, and even though the maintenance of your landscape. We will help you achieve a beautiful and functional space that you can be proud of.

Contact Tanabe Gardens Landscaping

If you’re looking for landscape designers and installers that pay attention to detail and can get the job done to the highest standards, you should get in touch with us, Tanabe Gardens Landscaping. We’ll walk with you through every step of the design and installation process.