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Landscape Design

Your landscape is the first impression that people get of your property. A beautiful and well-maintained landscape will increase the curb appeal of your property. It will also make your outdoor space more useful. From hosting parties to just having some quiet time in nature, a beautiful landscape will encourage you to spend more time outdoors and give you something to be proud about. We at Tanabe Garden Landscaping can help you achieve beautiful results with our landscaping design and maintenance services. From design of green spaces and hardscapes to installation and maintenance, we have the skills to ensure your garden looks pristine throughout the year. We pay attention to the fine details in every job we take to achieve award-winning designs and ensure the results are maintained for the long term.

Skills for Every Aspect of Your Landscape Project

The team at Tanabe has the skills and experience to handle every aspect of your landscape project. We’ll take you from landscape design to installation and maintenance of your landscape. Our team pays attention to details to ensure the best results.

Landscape Design
  • Landscaping design

You can rely on our skilled designer for the best landscape design. We pay attention to the details in order to give your property that finishing touch that ensures a winning design. Our designer will work with you to breathe life into your vision for your landscape.

  • Landscape and planting

Transform your space with beautiful garden designs. Our horticulturalist will guide you in the selection of plants, trees and shrubs for the best results in your space. We have extensive experience working in the area. We understand the soils and climate and will recommend greenery that will not only enhance the beauty of your property but also contribute to building a healthy ecosystem. We will help you select plants that will thrive and give you the best results with little effort.

  • Planters and furniture

Take your landscape to another level (literally) with strategically placed planters and garden furniture. A carefully placed elegant planter will add a new level to your garden and an element of interest. Planters give you the opportunity to increase the greenery in your space. You can try exotic plants that would not normally thrive in your property’s soils. Garden furniture not only adds an element of interest but is also practical. Our expert craftsmen will build furniture that will encourage you to spend more time outdoors.

  • Water features

From fountains to fish ponds, we have the skills and expertise to install any type of water feature you would like in your outdoor space. Our craftsmen are skilled at creating spaces that will add a touch of tranquility to your space.

  • Arbors and pergolas

You can rely on us for the best landscape architecture design services. Our designer will work with you to design outdoor fixtures that meet your needs and requirements. Our skilled craftsmen will work to bring your vision to life. We build pergolas, arbors and other outdoor fixtures based on the requirements of our clients. Our team pays attention to detail and incorporates various design elements including plants and lighting for a practical and beautiful outcome.

  • Walkways

Ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor space throughout the year without worrying about creating a mess by investing in a custom walkway. We are experts in installing custom walkways constructed from a wide range of material including granite cobblestone. We will design and install the walkway to meet your property’s requirements as well as your personal preferences.

  • Outdoor fireplaces

You don’t have to go camping in the wilderness to enjoy the warmth of a fire outdoors. Our team will build you an inviting outdoor fireplace that will keep you warm when entertaining outdoors late into the evening or when you simply want to enjoy the night sky on a cool evening. We’ll create a practical and inviting space that will also serve as an outdoor grill.

  • Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting will help to make your outdoor space safer. It will also enable you to extend your outdoor fun well into the evening.  We’ll design and install outdoor lighting to brighten up your space and create an elegant look.

House Renovation

Specializing in all phases of residential design and interiors, our goal is to truly transform your space into a home which reflects your individuality. We change the function and energy of your space to fit your lifestyle and your aesthetics. Let us help you with the transformation of your space whether you are looking to remodel or a new build. Our full range of services include space planning, furniture selections, kitchen and bath design, an architectural space review and accessorizing.

Contact Tanabe Gardens Landscaping

If you’re looking for landscape designers and installers that pay attention to detail and can get the job done to the highest standards, you should get in touch with us, Tanabe Gardens Landscaping. We’ll walk with you through every step of the design and installation process.